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By Robert Farago

God bless America. If there’s a need for a product, it’s filled just like that, seemingly out of thin air. OK, that’s not completely true. As anyone who’s watched sixty episodes of Shark Tank will tell you, launching a new product takes hard work, chutzpah, some well-rehearsed schtick and a banging body. Unless it doesn’t. Thanks to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social media rat pack, a dollar’s worth of viral marketing can launch a product in less time than it takes Proctor & Gamble to figure out the tab for a lunch meeting. (Who ordered the pastrami?) I don’t know if . . .

this formulation works as a gun lube solution, but I know a man who can tell us — Nick. Meanwhile, I suspect that there are members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia who have their own recipe for firearms lubricants. Keep it classy and spill.

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