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By gunwriter One of the surest ways to go broke or get a divorce it to book a sheep hunt. A big horn sheep hunt can set you back about $ 10,000, an Alaskan dall 20,000, stone sheep $ 30,000, and a desert sheep hunt can cost an astonishing $ 50,000! The combination of all these hunts – if successful – is known as the grand slam; typically reserved for millionaires and successful men who are single and not infatuated with any particular lady. The grandness of the slam is not so much that you killed four sheep, it’s that you spent $ 100,000. Every hunt is a lot about the animal, but for me it’s always mostly been about the hunt; the experience, the effort, and all that sort of stuff. I’ve always wanted to hunt sheep. I never will; gun writers are paid about what they’re worth, and I have three kids to put through college. For me, the hunt for a North American sheep is a dream but it’s also one I can almost experience while hunting for something else – an aoudad. The aoudad or Barbary sheep is a species of caprid (goat-antelope) native to Northern Africa. It …Read the Rest

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