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By Jason Reid

Professional Outdoor Media Association
Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA)

Day two of the POMA conference kicked off with a two hour panel discussion about how the public perception of hunting has changed and how we take the lead to mold our message moving forward. The panel was comprised of leaders in the hunting and conservation world and the conversation was deeply intellectual, the likes of which do not happen often enough. The panel tackled the broad topic of preserving wildlife and communicating hunting. Dozens of micro topics were then debated and discussed underneath this enormous umbrella. One of the most poignant facts of communicating hunting, which came out of listening in on this discussion was the point that hunting is so complicated it is not easily discussed or explained due to the layers upon layers of explanations. If you have been paying any attention over the past two decades, people gravitate towards sensationalized and emotion filled sound bites with which they make decisions and influence the direction of society.

Topics like the use of the word trophy hunting were discussed and the complex importance of trophy hunting, but its negative connotations in the minds of those outside of the hunting culture are what people grasp onto. …Read the Rest

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