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By Justin Stakes

Professional Outdoor Media Association
Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA)

Johnstown, PA -( The Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a new look.

The newly redesigned logo captures the organization’s emphasis for the traditional outdoor sports and the storytellers, which keep that passion alive.

“Following in the steps of the many changes within POMA, the board of directors asked our Voting media members to decide on a logo which best reflects our current path,” stated Tom Opre, POMA president. “Our members overwhelmingly voted to move forward with the updated logo.”

In a moment’s glance, the new POMA logo captures the “hook and bullet” inspiration behind the organization, showcasing a fish tail emerging from the letter P and bullet moving, with purpose, across the logo. The red color makes a bold statement about the organization’s passion and pride.

“We created a logo that would visually capture the essence of our organization – explaining who POMA is at a glance. I think the new logo really achieves that, while preserving the heritage and passion in the organization,” said Kevin Orthman, POMA executive director and CEO. “In this increasingly visual, multi-media world, I believe this new brand identity will help represent the future for POMA.”

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