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By Daniel Terrill

(Graphic: Pew Research)
National Rifle Association members express a significantly different attitude about politics and gun ownership than gun owners who are not members, according to an analysis of survey results offered by Pew Research.
While it may come as no surprise, NRA members are more critical of gun control policies and lean farther to the right than non-member gun owners, Pew’s analysis shows.
The questionnaire found that a majority of members and nonmembers favored six of the 10 policy issues, but there was a more than 10-percentage point difference for a different six of the 10 issues.
The largest gap, 23 percentage points, was between views on background checks for private sales and at gun shows. Fifty-two percent of NRA members agreed whereas 75 percent of nonmember gun owners agreed.
In addition to background checks, there were large gaps between views  on creating a federal database to track gun sales; banning assault weapons; banning high-cap magazines; preventing mentally ill from buying guns; allowing concealed carry without a permit; and shortening waiting periods for buying guns legally.
Views closest in agreement — as in less than 10 percentage points apart — included No Fly No Buy lists; allowing concealed carry in more places; and, with only


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