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By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -(
An online poll arkansasonline is showing the strong support for allowing people who can legally carry concealed weapons to carry on campus in Arkansas, just as they can in the rest of the state.

The question is:

Should the UA System allow concealed-carry at its schools?

Currently the poll is at 92 percent for restoring the right to bear arms to public property that is part of the University of Arkansas system. 8 percent are against the proposal.

Link to the poll

On line polls measure the ratio of those who are interested enough to answer an online poll. The results here are typical. Second Amendment supporters typically outnumber those who push for more restrictions by 3-10 to 1. In this case the ratio is now over the 10-1 ratio. This poll is asking a fairly clear question about the desirability of allowing the exercise of a basic Constitutional right on public property.

People in Arkansas tend to be strong Second Amendment supporters. It is not surprising that they would support this small, incremental step to restoring a right that many believe they have always had.

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