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By Tom Knighton

For some time, smart Democrats have been arguing that it’s not a good idea to come out in favor of gun control, especially in ordinarily pro-gun states. While the issue might be a winner in New York City, Boston, or Los Angeles, it’s not that great an idea in rural Oklahoma, Texas, or South Carolina.

However, a new poll is being used to urge Democratic candidates to do just that.

Up to this point, Democrats have been decidedly defensive on guns. The most famous instances of Democratic candidates using guns in television ads include West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin III shooting the so-called cap-and-trade bill, former Georgia Rep. John Barrow talking about his granddaddy’s pistol and Missouri Senate candidate Jason Kander assembling a rifle blindfolded. The ads were meant to reassure voters that Democrats didn’t want to take away their guns.

In the wake of a steady stream of mass shootings, some Democratic candidates are talking more openly about guns, but to base voters in the context of competitive Democratic primares.

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