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By Bob Owens

You would think that anyone with a modicum of common sense would know that handgun waiting periods have little to no impact on criminal activity.

Professional criminals do not get their firearms through legal avenues, but through theft, the black market, straw purchases, and the Department of Justice.

Opportunistic and “crime of passion” criminals running on emotion either typically A). already have firearms, or B). use other objects as weapons when a firearm isn’t available, typically to the same deadly end, and typically though much more prolonged and brutal attacks with impact or stabbing weapons.

Politifact felt compelled to challenge a Wisconsin State Senator who mentioned this self-evident fact.

Amid a surge in murderous gun violence in Milwaukee, the Republican-controlled Wisconsin Senate voted to repeal a state law that requires a two-day wait for handgun purchases.

Just before the April 21, 2015, vote, the author of the bill, state Sen. Van Wanggaard, made this waiting-period claim:

“There’s no statistical evidence that it reduces violence whatsoever,” the Racine Republican declared.

With the repeal bill moving to the GOP-controlled Assembly, and likely headed for GOP Gov. Scott Walker, let’s see if Wanggaard is right.

It must have nearly killed Politifact to concede that Wanggaard’s statement is …read more

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