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By Gregory Smith

the last jedi interracial

A not so long time ago, Hollywood decided to insert politics in every movie they make. The Last Jedi is no exception.

    1. You have beautiful Las Vegas-style environment that an Asian character hates everyone there because they got rich from selling weapons to the empire. The obvious implication is that selling weapons is a bad thing, notice they could have gotten rich selling food, selling ships, but the director decided to bash weapons. The Star Wars Military-Industrial Complex! By the way, are the people who sell rebels to the good guys OK? The movie doesn’t say.
    2. In that Las Vegas place, they have horse racing and they show the animals being beaten with whips by the riders. This obviously communicates that horse races are cruel, but don’t worry for those darling, precious animals. They are liberated and run through the city, causing destruction everywhere.
    3. May the vegans be with you! They have these weird-looking birds called “Porqs” which look at Chewbacca disapprovingly while he’s trying to eat one of their cooked friends. Seriously? A chicken will eat chicken nuggets! Poor Chewie has to shoo them away, but they never show him eating the bird. So what happened? Did Chewie become a vegetarian? …Read the Rest

      Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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