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By Jennifer Cruz

(Clockwise) The gunman was identified as Jimmy Lam and carried a backpack with a box of ammunition, as well as two guns: “an assault-type pistol” and a semi-auto pistol. (Photo: San Francisco Police Department)
The San Francisco Police Department released additional details surrounding the shooting at a UPS facility earlier this month that left four dead, including the gunman, and two injured.
According to Friday’s update, investigators think the shooter, 38-year-old Jimmy Lam, specifically sought out some of his victims, but, perhaps, not all of them.
Investigators are still trying to understand Lam’s motive, but think he specifically targeted the victims he killed — Benson Louie, 50; Wayne Chan, 56; and Michael Lefiti, 46. However, they’re unsure why he also attacked the two victims he injured.
Authorities said the shooting occurred during a routine morning briefing at the UPS facility and all but one of the victims were present at that meeting.
According to information gathered from videos and witness accounts, without warning and without saying a word, Lam pulled out a weapon and shot Louie and Chan. Then, seconds later, shot two additional UPS workers, who survived their injuries but have not been publicly identified.
Lam then left the meeting room, calmly walked outside of


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