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By Bob Owens

deeply stupid people

We told you yesterday about the officer-involved shooting during a domestic violence incident at Dallas’s Love Field airport. A man identified as Shawn Nicholas Diamond began destroying his girlfriend’s car, smashing the glass of the vehicle with a traffic cone and large rocks before officers responded.

We now have security camera video of the incident from multiple angles, and what stuns me the most isn’t Diamond’s attack on the vehicle nor the officer’s eventual shooting of Diamond, but the obliviousness of the other people in the area who utterly refused to face the reality that they were in a very dangerous situation where they could easily find themselves injured or killed.

I’d suggest watching the video below twice: one time to see the conflicts between Diamond and his ex-girlfriend transitioning into a confrontation between Diamond and responding officers that led to his being shot, and the second time to notice the numerous citizens standing in close proximity to both the domestic violence attack and then the attack on the officer

Amazingly, other people near the domestic violence attack all but ignored the threat of the enraged Diamond attacking the vehicle. They either simply watched him continue …Read the Rest

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