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By Tom Knighton

I’ve said a lot that I understand that the police have a difficult job. That’s true on many levels. I remember my father, now a retired police officer, talking about how he could be cussed out by someone one minute for pulling them over, then blessed as a savior just minutes later after they find out their home was broken into by Dad caught the guy. Almost every interaction police have in their work capacity is something that’s going to make someone angry.

But imagine school officials inviting the police in to do a drug sweep and finding yourself vilified on the walls of the school.

That’s the reality some Michigan officers found themselves in recently.

Law enforcement officers conducting a “drug sweep” at the request of a Michigan high school were surprised to find handmade “police brutality” posters plastered to the wall outside a social studies classroom.

Detective Christopher Weber posted photos of the posters on social media on Tuesday night, and blasted the school district for “perpetuating the narrative, lies and victimhood” regarding supposed excessive force by law enforcement.

“The school administration there requested several K9 teams to do a drug sweep, which is common practice for many schools …Read the Rest

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