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By Tom Knighton

Right now, it’s cold outside. As of this writing, it’s below zero in Southwest Georgia, which isn’t exactly a common occurrence, so I can only imagine how cold it is in places that normally get cold weather.

Due to the frigid snap, one police department in Missouri is making an unusual request to those inclined to break various laws.

So…we are asking a favor (at least for the next three days); can you keep the criminalling to a minimum? It is REALLY…

Posted by Warrensburg Police Department on Monday, January 28, 2019

Now, the Warrensburg Police Department knows it’s not that easy. It’s doing it to be funny. The dig at firefighters is all the evidence one needs. (For the record, a firefighter I know rebutted that only the police could misspell “firefighter” as two words).

This is part of a growing trend of police departments using their social media accounts not just to spread important information, but also to show that the police also possess a sense of humor.

Then again, as cold as it is, it’s unlikely that officers with the Warrensburg PD would be upset if criminals and others opted to take their advice …Read the Rest

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