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By John Falkenberg

WILLIAMS, AZ — Northern Arizona law enforcement may be getting an interesting addition to their equipment with a new program aimed at law enforcement accountability.

Williams Police Department is participating in the Viridian Weapon Technologies Law Enforcement pilot program, reports KPNX.

The program aims at giving more evidence for review in law enforcement-involved shootings by equipping cameras to firearms, giving direct evidence as to exactly what happens in a shooting.

“There’s nothing more transparent than a camera on a gun,” said Lt. Darrell Hixson of the Williams Police Department according to KPNX.

The information stored on the camera mount is secured and set up in such a way that it can theoretically only be accessed by proper authorities. It also has a flashlight and begins to record immediately after it has been drawn from the holster.

“The best feature is that it turns on automatically,” said Brian Hedeen, CEO Viridian Weapon Technologies, according to KPNX.

“So he doesn’t have to decide, am I going to turn this on or not, or in an rapidly evolving situation he won’t have to think and take the time and wait to say let me activate the camera.”

The department has reportedly been using the equipment for weeks …Read the Rest

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