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By Dean Weingarten

Warning Shots Evansville Indiana Deener and Blair Suspects

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( On 8 September, 2015, David Roberts from Owensboro, Kentucky, fired six shots at a vehicle in the crowded parking lot of the Eastland mall in Evansville, Indiana. Roberts had a permit to carry his handgun. The first shot was a warning shot into the dashboard. The next five were at the vehicles front tires.

The shots followed a double purse snatching from elderly women who were attempting to get their property back. The incident was caught on video, which does not seem to have been released to the public, yet. Police and the prosecutor, who was initially skeptical of police reports praising Roberts, both viewed the video. From

Hermann said he was skeptical when he saw how the facts in the police report appeared favorable to Roberts.

“Then I watched the video and they exactly matched,” he said.

According to police reports, Deener and Blair reportedly each snatched a purse from elderly women. The women followed them while screaming for help.

Hermann said a group of eight to 10 people chased the accused purse-snatchers outside and blocked their car from leaving.

Police said one of …read more

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