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By James Rummel

katanas in a pile

Is a katana nothing more than a saber from Japan? Let us examine the evidence.

Katanas! And some other kinda katana-ey swords. And it looks like a replica of a movie prop at the 12 o’clock position.

Sabers! And a cutlass. And three backswords at the top.

Looks like it may be so, but this is hardly definitive proof.

I’ve heard that sabers are the most common swords on Earth. Considering all of the extremely cheap samurai swords I’ve seen littering the landscape over the decades, I’d say that this is true only if one considers katanas to be a form of saber. If you should insist that Japanese style swords are a breed apart, then I would say to say that all those cheap, crappy samurai swords I practically trip over every time I visit a comic book store win the top spot.

cheap swords on display for sale

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Source:: Hell In a Handbasket

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