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By Chad Adams

POF Renegade Plus SPR 224 Valkyrie rifle, aiming

POF-USA made headlines a year ago when it launched the award-winning, piston-driven Revolution series of rifles. Scaling down a .308 platform into a true .223-sized package, the aptly-named Revolution broke new ground. Now POF is at it again with the direct impingement Revolution DI in .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor.


The POF Renegade Plus SPR 224 Valkyrie Gives New Power to the AR-15

The result is a sub-seven pound, .30-caliber carbine on an actual AR-15-sized frame. With only seven parts differentiating the Revolution DI from a .223 AR-15, eight if you include the magazine, this carbine, like the piston-version before it, changes preconceived notions of a .30-caliber platform.

Racing the Revolution DI

“The Revolution DI is ridiculously easy to shoot” said 3-Gun champion Keith Garcia. “I have shot a lot of different rifles over the years, and the one thing that separates the great rifles from the rest of the herd is shootability. If a gun recoils hard or has a bad trigger, you have to work harder to shoot it well. The Revolution DI was easy to shoot. It tracked well, stayed on target, and did not push me around. The most impressive thing to me was shooting …Read the Rest

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