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By Taylor Thorne

If an old school plinker is your desire, the Browning Challenger III could be the gun for you. Made between the 1960s and 1980s, the Challenger was created in response to the Ruger Mark II. Up until that point, .22 LR pistols were primarily made for hunters; but the Ruger Mark II and Browning Challenger changed that, marketed towards recreational shooters.
Browning Challenger III Specs
In looking at the aesthetics, one can see an attention to detail in its styling — a contrast to predecessors. Rounded beavertail, curves cut in the slide, and a unique stepped sight all lend to a more pleasing appearance. In true Browning style, it also has the iconic gold trigger and medallion.
The Challenger III sports 10-round mags. (Photo: Taylor Thorne/
The 5.5-inch bull barrel is coupled with target sights while the rear sight is adjustable. It’s worth noting, the front sight is stationary. Interestingly, the rear sight is attached to the barrel to improve accuracy, which does make racking the slide very awkward. The bottom-fed magazine is true to its era with 10 rounds. The alloy frame, however, was innovative for the time. Hefty in the hand at 35-ounces, the weight does help when steadying on distant targets


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