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By Ammoland

Anthony Colandro at the Range

Editor’s Note: Anthony Colandro has the endorsement of AmmoLand News for election to the 2019 NRA Board of directors. Anthony is the type of no-nonsense Jersey-bull-dog we need fighting for our rights on the NRA-BOD. Bullet vote for Colandro.

Anthony Colandro for the 2019 NRA Board of Directors

New Jersey – -( Before I begin, please accept my sincere appreciation for your membership in the NRA. Without you, many Americans would be completely disarmed and politically subjugated by now. You and I are at the forefront of the 2A fight against tyranny, and we don’t take that responsibility for granted. My name is Anthony P. Colandro, and I’m hoping to appeal to your sense of duty, honor, and reverence, to the Second Amendment of the Constitution of The United States of America.

Vote for Anthony Colandro

The NRA members need me on the Board of Directors. You see, I’m running on petition [not with the blessing of the NRA nomination committee] for an NRA Board of Director’s seat, on behalf of millions of law-abiding American gun owners. Both the New Jersey and New York State associations have endorsed me, and just last year I was presented with the “NRA Trainer of Distinction …Read the Rest

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