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Indiana Senator Johnny Nugent

Senator Johnny Nugent has been nominated and endorsed by the NRA Nominating Committee for re-election to the National Rifle Association Board of Directors. NRA members eligible to vote , please consider casting your vote for him.

Indiana Senator Johnny Nugent
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Lawrenceburg, Indiana – -( Johnny Nugent, was an Indiana State Senator, 1978 – 2014, and was consistently endorsed for re-election by NRA with 100% A+ rating during that time.

As a current NRA Board member, that once again has been nominated and endorsed by NRA Nominating Committee, as well as petition of the membership, he is asking for your vote in the upcoming 2016 NRA board election.

Senator Nugent remains a legislative champion of all law-abiding gun owners, collectors, shooters, hunters, sportsmen and sportswomen. With a goal of safe guarding and defending our Second Amendment rights,

Senator Johnny Nugent successfully sponsored, Indiana’s “Castle Doctrine Law”, as well as the Nation’s first lifetime concealed carry permit.

Johnny Nugent’s Memberships Include:

  • NRA Benefactor
  • Indiana Rifle & Pistol Association
  • Ohio Gun Collectors
  • Amateur Trapshooting
  • Fifty Caliber Shooters
  • National Muzzle Loading Rifle Associations
  • 33rd degree Mason; Southeastern Indiana Shrine; and Scottish Rite and Murat Shrine, Indianapolis.

As a retired small business owner and U.S. Army Veteran, Johnny …Read the Rest

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