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By Rob Morse

Colorado school staff on the firing line
Colorado school staff on the firing line

U.S.A. -( Protecting innocent people is serious business. Smart men and women gave it a lot of thought. We now know a lot about mass murderers. We know how to prevent some of their attacks on our schools and churches. Unfortunately, we don’t know enough to stop all of them and we probably never will. That means we need an effective response to an attack in addition to a program of prevention. I emphasize the word effective because we can call anything a “safety program”. An effective program addresses the largest threats before it focuses on the less likely or less dangerous threats. Here are two stories about protecting our schools and churches.. or not.

Defend Them or Leave Them Defenseless

I read reports from local school boards who are considering school safety. Someone invariably says something like this.

‘It isn’t fair making teachers protect their students.’

I agree. It is not fair. Neither is it fair to go to funerals after innocent people are murdered because defending them was considered too unpleasant or inconvenient. There is more to say about armed staff, but courts recently confirmed that the police have no duty to protect us. That …Read the Rest

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