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By John Farnam

Hand Gernade Reading This

By John Farnam

Plan Your Response to a Terrorist, Quick or Dead
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( In the “Age of Terrorism…”

Last weekend, I was in the northwest conducting an ARTA (Armed Response to a Terrorist Attack) Course.

This is not a Course for entry-level students. Attendees were all veterans of other Courses and were all competent Operators. Exercises involved both rifle and pistol.

This Program consists mostly of live-fire scenarios, where students are provided with only minimal information and must rapidly size-up the situation and make a plan. Then, they execute their plan, tweaking it along the way as necessary.

I emphasize that, in our current Age of Terrorism, many of our left-leaning politicians seem far more interested in soliciting terrorists’ votes than they are in arresting them!

So long as liberals are in charge, no effective response to terrorism will ever see the light of day, as we are now seeing on a weekly basis, on our soil as well as other places in the world.

So, as I’ve reiterated many times before, we’re on our own. Actually, we always have been. It’s just that now many, even among …Read the Rest

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