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By Tyler Kee


As it relates to the world of guns, the term ‘epidemic’ is thrown around willy nilly. Normally, it follows the phrase “gun violence” and is used by politicians seeking to curtail the rights of law abiding citizens like you and me. Down here in Texas, the word epidemic is more closely associated with the words “feral hog” and describes the widespread outbreak of the porcine problems that our ranchers and farmers face on a daily basis. While using helicopters and thermal night vision gets a lot of attention, the truth is that those methods are woefully inadequate at reducing the number of pigs in the wild. More effective, albeit “boring” methods must be put in place for ranchers, farmers, and landowners looking to thin the herd . . .

To give you a bit of background, I spent my formative years in a fairly rural part of Texas where driving one hundred miles in an evening to take a nice gal to the movies and dinner was considered par for the course. Places like my hometown are where your meat and cheese are grown. In fact, if you ever have the lamb burger at Hopdoddy in Austin, you’ll be …Read the Rest

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