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By Ammoland

Tim Brent Harassed for Hunting
Tim Brent Harassed for Hunting

USA – -( Hunters conserve and save wildlife when no one else will or can. Want to save wildlife in wild places? Convince misguided would-be “saviors” that they need to throttle back, cease making death threats and doing other terrorist things.

In just the past few days there has been a spate of Internet and social media attacks on hunters for their choices to participate in legal hunting at various places around the globe.

The attacks come in two basic forms: Ridicule and death threats. Differences of opinion are healthy. Death threats are both sick and illegal.

Late last week, SCI Member Brittany Longoria was attacked over a photo of her holding a leopard she hunted legally in Africa. Those who attacked her made no note that through her hunting and conservation-related activities, she has been personally responsible for saving more wildlife than any of the anti-hunters we know. Antis never let the truth get in the way of the lies they like to spew out to an unassuming public.

“This is not about me hunting an individual leopard,” Brittany said. “This is about hunting and the methods of international wildlife conservation. If they come for me as a …Read the Rest

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