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By Christen Smith

A pro-gun group of physicians excoriated a newly-released database of state firearms laws as a “waste of time” in a blog published last week.
Dr. Tom Vaughan, of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, said the Boston University researchers behind the State Firearm Law Database revealed nothing more than an anti-gun bias by including “misleading statements and outright lies” in their analysis, published in the Georgia-based Telegraph May 23.
“While I’m fairly sure I know what they hope to accomplish — career advancement and research funding from wealthy liberals like Michael Bloomberg — I’m not sure that they’re prepared for other experts to analyze their data and draw their own conclusions,” he said in a May 25 article for DRGO.
He continued, “While such a database, constructed impartially, could be very useful, the authors reveal their strong anti-Second Amendment bias. They have salted the article with a few facts, but they have also included several misleading statements as well as blatant lies, presumably to broaden its appeal.”
Michael Siegel, professor of Community Health Sciences at Boston University, and Molly Pahn, the institution’s research manager, collaborated on the database to uncover patterns in firearm law adoption, according to the Telegraph editorial.
“More than anything else, this database


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