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By Caleb

mossberg 410, mossberg 930 SPX, winchester 1300

For some reason, people think I don’t like shotguns. Nothing could be further from the truth, I LOVE shotguns. I just don’t think a shotgun is the best first choice for the average person for home defense, despite the fact that it’s really really difficult to find instances where it took more than 2 rounds of 00 buck to stop someone. This photo has my three favorite shotguns of all time.

  • Top: Mossberg 500 .410: I have a real soft spot for the .410, and I think that it’s actually really undervalued as a shotgun round. My little 500 holds 4+1 rounds of 3 inch magnums, which even the smallest person can shoot all day without having an issue. If I was going on a long walk in the wild of South Dakota, this would likely be the first gun I’d grab.
  • Winchester 1300 12 gauge: Winchester doesn’t make this gun anymore, and that’s too bad. It’s the best Remington 870 that isn’t an 870. I’ve flogged this gun in classes and 3-gun matches, and it’s never choked or gone wrong in any way.
  • Mossberg 930 SPX with bigass mag tube: Shelley and I have both run this gun in 3-gun matches, and …Read the Rest

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