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By Chris Eger

Colorado-based Phoenix Weaponry has debuted their hard-hitting new rifle for those who like ARs and .45-70s but haven’t been able to blend them into one platform.
Their .45-70 Auto is a rebated-rimmed version of the classic .45-70 Government cartridge that has been around since the 1870s and has shown sub-MOA results from their rifle. They advise reloaders can use standard .45-70 die sets with the exception of substituting a .308 shell holder to recycle their .45-70 Auto brass, and Phoenix will have factory brass available shortly.
PW has been using .325 grain Hornady FTX bullets in their rebated rimmed .45-70 brass and gets six rounds per modified 10-shot Magpul magazine (Photos: PW)
The rifle itself, shown off in the video at the top with an FDE coating and Magpul furniture, uses a 20-inch custom profiled Douglas barrel with an eight-groove 1-in-14-inch twist married to a Phoenix Weaponry .308 billet upper and lower along with a custom trigger and muzzle brake. The gun feeds through a modified 10-round Magpul magazine that holds six of the rebated .45-70 loads. Phoenix says the overall weight of the standard rifle is just south of 10-pounds.

Aaron Cayce of Phoenix says the .45-70 Auto concept has been long in


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