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By Tom Knighton

There must be something in the water in Pennsylvania.

It’s not the water that most people drink, necessarily. No, it’s whatever water the politicians in the state seem to be drinking. First, you have all this insanity in Pittsburgh. Now, it seems the Philadelphia district attorney has decided, “What the hell?”

In the city, there’s an older law that’s been on the books for a while but hasn’t been used. Now, the D.A. wants to start using it.

DA Larry Krasner has found a class of potential criminals he’s hot to pursue — legal gun owners.

He’s used CPR to revive a passed-but-unenforced city ordinance that has been comatose for a decade.

While taking a swipe at the NRA, past Philadelphia DAs, the federal government, the state legislature, and the state attorney general, Krasner said enforcing a law that gun owners must report lost or stolen weapons “does not regulate guns.”

The benefit to gun owners: If a gun used in a crime is traced back to the original owner who has reported it stolen, that person is pretty much in the clear. But if the gun was not reported, the owner gets written up.

But the law has flaws. Gun …Read the Rest

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