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By Ammoland

Pete Buttigieg for Gun Control img peteforamericadotcom


Pete Buttigieg for Gun Control img peteforamericadotcom

Nevada – -( Patriots,

We received so much positive support from our email on Bernie Sanders, I wanted to continue to share the positions of the other frontrunners in the race for the Democrat’s nomination for president. Pete Buttigieg came in a very close second in New Hampshire and edged out Bernie Sanders in Iowa.

While NVFAC PAC is a state PAC and we don’t get involved in the federal election, as the Nevada Democratic Caucus approaches, we want to share with you where each of the front runners stands on firearms and your 2nd Amendment rights. These will be the people setting the tone for the anti-firearms policies we will be opposing in this election and the next legislative session.

Pete Buttigieg Vows to: (directly from his website)

  • Make background checks universal and close the loopholes that allow dangerous individuals to acquire and keep guns. After each new mass shooting, it has become routine to learn that the perpetrator acquired their guns legally. Current federal law only requires licensed gun dealers to conduct background checks on gun sales, allowing too many people who are banned from having guns to acquire …Read the Rest

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