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By Dan Zimmerman

By Salvatore DiGennaro

Every so often we hear about one of those incidents that makes us, as concealed carriers, cringe. Usually they happen to law enforcement officers. Such incidents tend to happen when some lunatic decides to go rodeo on a poor patrol officer during a traffic stop or other routine interaction. The scary part: when the officer barley survives to tell the tale after pelting the assailant with staggering amounts of gunfire to bring an end to the rampage . . .

The Peter Soulis event comes to mind. In 1997 Jacksonville Florida, police officer Soulis faced an adversary who took 22 rounds of .40 Smith & Wesson before ceasing hostilities. This is just one of a surprising number of such incidents. Another that comes to mind happened long before the Soulis ordeal, the Grand Concourse shootout in the Bronx in 1986, in which a drug dealer took 18 rounds of handgun fire and did not stop until hit with a shotgun slug though the chest. And a third, also taking place in 1986, the infamous Miami shootout in which bank robber Michael Platt killed two FBI agents and wounded several others …read more

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