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By Robert Farago

“By sundown it was suddenly clear, and made perfect sense, why Toronto Police fired at least 14 bullets into a stolen car with a driver at the wheel.” Well that’s an interesting way to start an article about Canadian cops shooting a car in a crowded cityscape. But the man has a point. Well he did before decided to edit out the salient information. Here’s the bit included in the mobile news link that didn’t make it to the full website account . . .

Not just any driver but one, sources say, with more than 150 criminal convictions in the past including car thefts and assaults on police and many others.

Edward Michael Skotnicki, 60, has been banned for the rest of his life from driving and yet there he was alledgedly stealing a car and driving wildly in the heart of Toronto’s downtown Wednesday.

The last time Toronto Police dealt with this alleged car thief, in 2007, he was charged with dragging a police officer 25 metres as Skotnicki attempted to get away. The officer suffered injuries to the shoulder and neck area.

With the 2011 police chase death of …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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