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By Salvatore

I have carried a gun my entire adult life as a self-defense tool for situations that only such force can solve. If facing a “less lethal” assault my philosophy has always been that, if someone puts their hands on me, I will return the favor and the other individual will quickly learn the error of their wayward lifestyle. Well, I like to think that I have gained at least a bit of wisdom along the way, and I find that if we (the testosterone tribe, in particular) can put aside our ego for a moment, we can benefit. In this article I wish to share with you my reasoning for carrying a less-lethal tool, even if you are a tough guy. Actually, especially if you are a tough guy.

OC spray is still considered, by the majority of men, something that is used by women who are not willing to carry a gun and unfortunately that is the largest clientele for this product. I firmly believe that there is no substitute for a firearm in personal defense. However, I have become a true believer in the benefits of pepper spray for those that already carry a firearm on a daily basis. …Read the Rest

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