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By Chris Eger

From Olympic medalists and Second Amendment advocates to outdoor writers and film stars, the gun culture world lost several faces in 2017.
Theunis Botha– Noted South African big game hunter was killed at age 51 in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park in a freak hunting accident, crushed by an elephant shot by another hunter.
Jim Bunning– Perhaps best remembered as the Hall of Fame pitcher who threw just the seventh perfect game in Major League Baseball history, Bunning went on to become a conservative lawmaker representing his home state of Kentucky in Congress for over 20 years. During that time, the NRA credited him with scores of votes on gun rights issues. Bunning died aged 85 in May. His seat has been held since U.S. Sen. Rand Paul since 2011.
Powers Boothe– With some of the most memorable gun culture lines uttered on the big screen, Boothe, whose credits include Red Dawn, Tombstone, and Deadwood, Boothe died at age 68 in May.
Melania Capitan– The Spanish huntress with more than 10,000 followers on social media reportedly took her own life at age 27 in June, after what some described as cyberbullying over her lifestyle, leaving a hunting organization to push for criminal charges against her


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