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By Brian Seay

Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia leader Christian Yingling says he wanted to protect the First Amendment rights of protestors, but called the organizer of Saturday’s rally a “piece of shit.”
The leader of a Pennsylvania-based militia group that attended Saturday’s ‘Unite the Right’ event in Charlottesville is condemning the white nationalists who put on the rally.
Christian Yingling and 32 other members of the Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia were armed and on hand Saturday to serve as “neutral peacekeepers,” according to reports.
The militia sought to prevent clashes between white supremacists and counter protestors, but Yingling said they were outnumbered. The group withdrew shortly before a driver rammed a car into a group of counter protestors, killing one woman and injuring more than a dozen others.
“It was a resounding success until we were just so drastically outnumbered that we couldn’t stop the craziness,” Yingling told the Daily Progress of the clashes at the event. “It was nothing short of horrifying.”
The Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia arrived on Saturday around 7:30 in the morning. Five hours later, they were asked to leave. Virginia’s secretary of public safety, Brian Moran, said authorities were worried Yingling and his men would be mistaken for National Guard members by the


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