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By Vanessa Torres

Hi Fence Whitetail Buck

With deer activity on the rise, Game Commission cautions motorists to stay alert.

Pennsylvania Game Commission
Pennsylvania Game Commission

Pennsylvania -( With deer becoming increasingly active, and daylight saving time about to put more vehicles on the road during the hours when deer move most, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is advising motorists to slow down and stay alert.

“White-tailed deer are entering a period of increased activity and are crossing roads more frequently as a result,” said Game Commission Executive Director R. Matthew Hough. “While drivers should always remain alert and on the lookout for whitetails crossing roads, there is reason to pay particular attention while behind the wheel now and in the coming weeks.”

Deer become more active in autumn with the lead-up to their fall breeding season, commonly referred to as the “rut.” Around this time, many yearling bucks disperse from the areas in which they were born and travel, sometimes several dozen miles, to find new ranges. Meanwhile, adult bucks more often are cruising their home ranges in search of does, and they sometimes chase the does they encounter.

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