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By Ammoland

The original Penn Brewery Penn Pilsner.

Penn Brewery, one of the oldest craft breweries in the US, celebrates its 30th anniversary with one final PA Microbrewers’ Fest and launches its new Tangerine Swirl Ale.

The original Penn Brewery Penn Pilsner.
Penn Brewery
Penn Brewery

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – -( In 1986, Ronald Reagan was in the White House, Top Gun was playing in theaters, a new Ford Mustang cost $7500 – and Pennsylvania’s pioneer craft beer, Penn Pilsner, was sold for the first time.

After thirty years, the brand is still going strong, a testament to its quality and timeless appeal. The Brewery will celebrate its 30th anniversary with special products, packaging, and events including the Pennsylvania Microbrewers’ Festival, throughout the year.

“For a craft brewery to have thirty years under its belt is a huge accomplishment,” said Sandy Cindrich, Penn Brewery’s CEO. “We’re very proud of this brand and its longevity.”

Here are some little-known facts about Penn Brewery:

  • Although Penn Brewery is based in Pittsburgh, and all of its beers are now brewed here, Penn Pilsner, Penn’s first beer offering, was actually launched in Philadelphia at the City Tavern. Why? It’s because the beer was first contract brewed by Pittsburgh Brewing, which would not …Read the Rest

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