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By Tyler Kee


Several hundred miles, one Red Bull, thirty two gallons of gas, and fourteen bags of ice later, your intrepid shooters have finally arrived in Pecos, Texas for the 2015 Pecos Run ‘n Gun. We elected to get a hotel for the first night so we could sleep in a soft bed and take a hot shower before spending the next three days camped out in the desert. The trip here has been relatively low key, though we have already had a couple hiccups . . .


We rolled out of Austin right around 9:00 AM just in time to get cozy with several hundred of our Austin neighbors in rush hour traffic. My little Tacoma was loaded to the gills with gear. I’ll fully admit that we probably brought too much stuff, but after last year’s lack of preparation, a swing in the other direction seemed natural. Two hours later, we found ourselves out at the family ranch for some last minute zero confirmation.

While we were there, Tex300BLK made sure to do some real world testing of his kneeling, sitting, and standing positions. With our gear squared away, we headed back to the big …read more

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