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By Robert Farago

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Gun-control group demonstrates at Northbrook Mariano’s the headline at proclaims. It’s a story of an anti-gun flash mob – all 17 of them – protesting outside a grocery store that somehow decided not to ban legal concealed carriers from its premises. You got to hand it to Northbrook anti-gun rights “activist,” founder of Peaceful Communities, Lee Goodman. The man’s got this media-friendly agitprop thing down . . .

Northbrook activist Lee Goodman, created a pile of stuffed animals in a mock shrine to a gunshot victim outside the store’s main entrance and carried signs emblazoned with slogans including “lox not Glocks” and “bagels not bullets.”

They also brought a petition for the signs that Goodman said was signed by 600 people.

It was the second trip some of them had made to Mariano’s, 284 Skokie Blvd., as a part of the effort. The group also had appeared on opening day, Aug. 25, with the same message.

“We’re creating our own teddy bear shrine,” Goodman, who had opposed Illinois’ concealed-carry law, said at the protest. “We want to impress upon Mariano’s that this is what happens when you have guns around.”

Clever man that he is, Goodman’s catering directly …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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