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By John Farnam

Knife Attack Terror Mugger

By John Farnam

Pay Attention, Watch Your Six
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Personal Protection!

These comments from a long-time friend, who does not share most of my political views, but still a good friend, counselor, and colleague. I do not require agreement with me on any particular subject to be a “condition of friendship!”

He makes good points, maybe some I overlooked:

“‘PAYING ATTENTION’ is at the base of all our personal security plans/procedures, and for good reason!

Whether the threat is a truck heading down La Rambla (one of the coolest places ever, but loaded with pickpockets) driven by a jihadist, with violent death of innocent pedestrians his only goal, or a drunk driver doing the identical thing (which probably happens more often), albeit with no intent to harm anyone in particular, or even someone behind the wheel who suffers a sudden ‘health disaster,’

It is PAYING ATTENTION that protects us!

All the more reason to not be talking on your cell phone, nor texting, whether your are a driver or pedestrian. There is simply too much going on around us all the time for us not to be constantly …Read the Rest

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