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By Patriot Outdoor News

Understanding the moon and its effect on whitetails will increase your success this season.

“If I had to name just one thing that has increased my success in seeing monster bucks during the daylight hours, whether it’s in season or during summer scouting,” said Hays, “it would have to be paying attention to the moon.”

As Hays explained it, the moon is directly overhead (straight up) and directly underfoot (straight down) every 24 hours. These “moontimes” are roughly 12 hours apart and happen just short of an hour later every day. It is when the moon is in these positions that the greatest gravitational pull occurs, naturally influencing animal movement.

“Even in the middle of the day, if the moon is in one of these positions, chances are deer movement will increase to some degree,” Hays explained.

In fact, it’s his contention that if you were to check these moontimes when you see deer feeding in the middle of the day or when a buck you’ve only had nighttime pictures of suddenly shows himself during daylight hours, you would find a moon correlation much of the time.

For the bowhunter, the key to capitalizing on these moontimes is focusing on what Hays calls the “Red …read more

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