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By Robert Farago

“Can every one who truly needs a firearm for self-protection afford a Kimber stuffed full of Hydra-shoks?” Student of the Gun firearms guru Paul Markel asks, rhetorically [via]. “The reality of our world is that many of those most in need for a firearm for personal defense are also those with the lowest level of disposable income. Do the poor of the nation have the right to self-defense? Or, is self-protection with arms a privilege reserved for those who can afford more expensive tools?” Wait. Don’t tell me. I know this. But seriously, the Hi-Point pistol may be an enthusiast’s last choice of handgun, but . . .

not everyone is an enthusiast. And hats off to the company for producing a gun at that price point that’s drop-safe and goes bang when you pull the trigger. Lest we forget, Lorcin lovers, it was not always thus.

That said, I still think a revolver is the best choice for a financially-strapped consumer who wants to strap-up. Unfortunately, the cheapest of the breed tend to clock-in at $300, new. Used revolvers get down to the two Benjamins range, but I understand that some …read more

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