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By Bob Owens

I first met Steve Fisher earlier this year at the Beretta Tactical Summit, where he ran a group of gun writers through drills that showed the capability of the Beretta 1301 Tactical 12 gauge shotgun. It was a fascinating half-day class, showing me a side of shotgun shooting I’d not seen before, having only used shotguns to hunt.

Last week, Steve invited me up to Alliance, Ohio to take part in a one-day version of his Practical Shotgun class. I quickly made plans to attend, and drove up Friday for the Saturday course.

While I knew that the Alliance Police Training range was a favorite of many instructors and students, I didn’t know until I drove up to the site that it was located behind the city’s water treatment facility.

I was convinced I was in the right place for a defensive shotgun class, even before I found the actual range.

After checking in with rangemaster Joe Weyer, going over the safety plan, and the students introducing themselves—we had a mix of law enforcement, several members of the gun media, medical personnel, firearms industry company reps and regular Joes—Steve got down to business.

Shotguns, he explained, are …read more

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