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By Tom Knighton

Students carrying firearms is a scary thing. While I have no issue with my oldest toting a firearm, it’s because I know he’s more responsible than some adults I know when it comes to guns. He’s not a threat to anyone who he doesn’t have to be a threat to.

But my son isn’t most kids, and he’s a junior in high school.

What about an elementary school kid? That’s something that folks in Macon, GA are thinking about right now after an elementary student brought a loaded firearm to school.

The Bibb County District Attorney and the sheriff’s office are investigating an incident involving a student who brought a loaded gun to Rosa Taylor Elementary School Wednesday.

James Sherlock says there are a lot of items he would expect to find at his daughter’s school, but he says a gun is not one of them.

“Not here in a grammar school. I mean, you’ve only got fifth graders in here as high as it goes. You would think teenagers would have something like that, not a smaller child,” says Sherlock.

He says fear set in when he got a call letting him know that a student brought a loaded gun to his daughter’s …Read the Rest

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