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By William Bell

Panthera Training Center Rollover

Panthera Training Center Targets

Today’s world has become increasingly violent with predators stalking our streets and countryside. Whether it is a criminal attacker, terrorist or enemy, situational awareness is the name of the game, and once a threat is identified, immediate steps must be taken to attack, counterattack or effect an escape. This encounter could very well occur while you are operating a motor vehicle. If so, your “mental toolbox” needs to have some equipment with which to work. Yes, you can watch plenty of videos. But there’s nothing like getting out there and doing it. However, under the heading of “Don’t try this at home,” your best bet is to take a professional course. This enables you to actually perform the maneuvers you’ll need to stay alive.

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I recently attended a sample Vehicle Dynamics course at the Panthera Training Center in West Virginia. This 750-acre facility has everything for law enforcement, military and civilian self-defense …Read the Rest

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