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By Dean Weingarten

NM Disarm With Cane

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( On a remote property on Perdiz Canyon Road, off of Highway 165, in New Mexico, a 59-year-old homeowner says that he woke up to find an intruder in his home. The house is out of sight of the gate, down a long, dirt track that serves as a driveway. The intruder is said to have sprayed the homeowner’s dog with pepper spray, then used a gun after the homeowner woke up. From

“(The intruder) fired a shot that went just wide of my client’s hip,” Cravens said.

Cravens said his client used his cane to knock the gun out of the intruder’s hand. According to authorities, the homeowner fired a fatal shot from that gun.

Sticks, batons, and any long, relatively hard object can be used very effectively as an improvised weapon. Police have stopped using durable flashlights as impact weapons because so many suspects were being killed or severely injured. It is well worth the while to learn some simple stick fighting techniques to defend yourself. Sticks can be carried almost anywhere without suspicion or special permits. Whether the homeowner had any …read more

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