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By Johannes Paulsen

Plutocrat Michael Bloomberg liked the style of Pennsylvania Democrat Kathleen Kane so much that he threw $250,000 at her 2012 campaign for Attorney-General. After she won election, Ms. Kane began paying off Bloomberg’s patronage, by going on a tear, restricting firearms license reciprocity with states such as Idaho and Utah and Florida, in part because either she or her patrons didn’t like the idea of an out-of-stater acquiring a license from Florida or Utah and using it to carry in the Keystone state. Even though the licenses are still good for Florida and Utah residents. (Idaho is still verboten — I’m still not clear why.) Kane has more pressing things on her mind right now . . .

Pennsylvania’s AG has been in a bit of a scandal concerning her involvement in the unauthorized release of information from a 2009 grand jury investigation involving some of her political opponents. How bad is it? Well, last month, she was indicted for “obstructing administration of law or other government function, official oppression, criminal conspiracy, perjury and false swearing.”

Then her erstwhile Democrat allies …read more

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