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By Val Finnell

Report SB 624 from the Senate State Government Committee and Pass It Immediately
The Biden Administration is breathing down the necks of gun owners nationally with the ATF regulations outlawing homemade firearms. And the pistol brace regulations may drop at any time.
And that’s not all! The ATF has upped its attacks on law-abiding businesses that sell P80 kits, like Pennsylvania’s JSD Supply. Recently, the ATF sent JSD Supply a “cease and desist” order, putting the owner’s livelihood at risk.
GOA-endorsed gubernatorial candidate, Senator Doug Mastriano, speaking at SB 624 press conference.
Now is the time for the Pennsylvania General Assembly to take a stand against the Biden Administration and pass SB 624, Senator Doug Mastriano’s ”Right to Bear Arms Protection Act.”
This critical piece of legislation would forbid state and local government officials from enforcing ANY new unconstitutional federal gun control laws/regulations enacted after December 31, 2020.
Specifically, Senator Mastriano’s bill would:
·         Provide for civil penalties against any state or local government official who conspires with federal agents in the enforcement of new federal gun control laws;
·         Remove any qualified immunity for public officials engaging in such cooperation;
·         Mandate the attorney general prosecute such collaborators and defend Pennsylvanians in court from prosecution;
·         Create a private

Source: Gun Owners of America

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