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By Micah Rate

Pennsylvania has blocked residents of the state from accessing downloadable digital blueprints posted to the internet that would allow them to create semiautomatic firearms that are untraceable using 3-D printers.

Here at Bearing Arms, ghost guns have been a topic of conversation as gun control proponents ramp up their efforts to regulate them; they fear the blueprints for making these 3-D printed firearms present a public safety risk.

Furthermore, these activists, along with various state officials and law enforcement officers, believe these blueprints can, and will, fall into the hands of criminals who will create guns to use in future crimes. Another concern is that the firearms don’t have serial numbers, making them untraceable. Once the blueprints are on the internet, they argue, there’s no stopping prohibited individuals from accessing the information.

In light of these concerns, Pennsylvania’s attorney general, Josh Shapiro, successfully blocked residents of the state from accessing the company Defense Distributed’s downloadable files on Sunday.

Cody Wilson, a guns rights activist and the founder of the company, has faced various lawsuits and legal threats from the federal government, states, cities, and organizations for the schematics. However, Wilson successfully defeated the State Department’s lawsuit, allowing him to continue to distribute his files …Read the Rest

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