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By Chris Eger

With a selection that includes a rare Hanel SMG, a Johnson light machine gun, and a British proof-marked BAR, Rock Island has a truckload of fun stuff at their September auction. The event has well over 100 select-fire or otherwise full-auto Class III transferrable machine guns up for grabs. Here are some of the more exciting specimens we saw:
The bell of the ball would be this early WWII M1941 Johnson light machine gun in 30.06. These storied weapons, with their side-loading 30-round mags and folding bipods, were produced in small quantities but served with such elite groups as the Canadian/American 1st Special Services Force, USMC Raiders, and Paramarines. Estimated Price: $40,000 – $60,000 (Photos: RIA)
If belt-fed at 1,200 rpm is more your thing, how about this Gustloff Werke-Suhl MG42 machine gun complete with a 1944-stamped early wooden buttstock, post war Swiss folding tripod mount, side mounted variable power sight and linker/delinker tool. Estimated Price: $20,000 – $35,000
Although never adopted by the German military– who used the more common MP38 and MP40 sub guns– this WWII-era MP41 was manufactured by the C.G. Haenel company and was actually based on Schmeisser patents, so it is deserving of the moniker. This rare 9mm


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