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By Ammoland

Blames the NRA
Blames the NRA
Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

USA – -( Another “mass shooting” in America! That is what politically correct media and politicians are saying.

They don’t want to admit that a terrorist attack is much more than a mass shooting. They refuse to see that hate based on race, religion, sexual preference or political belief has nothing to do with the weapons used to inflict that hate on innocent people. They ignore the fact that the policies they propose will not change the worldwide war ISIS is waging on everyone who does not believe exactly as they do.

Doctors are among the most educated professionals in America. Despite that, the American Academy of Pediatrics used this tragic act of terror to promote its mindless, anti-gun rights propaganda.

True to form, the AAP beats the dead horse of “gun violence” in its statement responding to Sunday’s mass murder in Orlando.

In two short paragraphs, AAP leaders Benard P. Dreyer, M.D. and Karen Remley, M.D. use most of it just to condemn “gun violence” once more. Only near the end of Dr. Dreyer’s statement does he …Read the Rest

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